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  • What Renters Want
    when purchasing a property for investment it's critical to consider what's important to your end-user.

  • Demand Shifting from Detached Homes
    More people are trading the detached house lifestyle for the benefits of inner city living, so much so that an under-supply exists.

  • Melbourne Continues to Lead Nation's Population Growth
    Melbourne continues to experience some of the strongest population growth of all cities

  • Key Advice for a Good Start
    One of the main advantages in buying off-the-plan is that you're buying at today's price but paying for it after it's built.

  • Building Pride in our City
    In 1993 only 736 people lived in the city centre; 2 decades later more than 100,000 with a median age of 28 now reside in this 24/7 metropolis. Over the same period, more than 1 million people have moved to Melbourne.

  • Apartments High on the Wish List
    demand for apartments is springing from young people wanting to live in the inner city, migrants from countries where apartment living is already well-established, and from baby-boomers now downsizing as they get older.

  • Lifestyle Swap Fuels Boom in Apartments
    Baby-boomers, pre-child couples, middle-aged divorcees and families are swapping over to apartments; and increasing numbers of people are choosing to live alone

  • House Prices at Record Across Nation
    All forward indicators are looking positive for the property markets across Australia and higher values can be expected.

  • Murky View of Property Blurs Growth
    Forecasts made by 'conventional' property pundits should not be blindly accepted; hindsight frequently highlights their shortcomings





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