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Its appearance signifies a good sign, and its representation a promise of prosperity and peace. The Qilin is a messenger of good news and wisdom, as well as bringing joy to those around it. It lives at the Traditionnelle Tourbillon's heart. Tag Heuer Replica, a master of sophistication who combines Haute Horlogerie with artistic crafts, reproduces the mythical creature under the auspices.

Traditionnelle's collection is distinguished by its avant-garde technical repertoire, which is supported by the eminently classic codes inherited from 18th century Geneva Haute Horlogerie. The Traditionnelle Tourbillon is a unique combination of high-level mechanical complexity and artistic creativity. Tag Heuer's engraving artisans are skilled in expressing their expertise through patience and meticulous work. Under the watchful gaze of two Qilin (elite fantasy creatures from Asian mythology), the result is a masterful staging the time.

swiss Tag Heuer Replica boutiques are the only ones that can offer this Traditionnelle Tourbillon watch in an 18-piece limited edition numbered edition.

Fine line and pounced ornith engraving create the face of the time. The dial is hand-guilloche in gold and has a black galvanic finish. Two gold appliques depict the legendary Qilin figure with exceptional finesse. These miniature sculptures are made by meticulous work using the Ramolaye pounced or technique. This involves pushing back the material, by either cutting into, scraping or softening them in order to create volume for a two-dimensional drawing. This is achieved by artisans using their own methods and their own tools, such as small stones, brushes or paper, which act as extensions of their hands.

This irreversible work is delicate and skillful. It reveals an endless world of details on a surface of gold that is less than 0.4mm thick. The Qilins' coat and scaly skin are revealed in an impressively realistic way, accented by subtle light and shade.

The case's stepped sides are adorned with fine line engraving techniques. This is emphasized by the fluted caseback, slim bezel, and curved lugs. This design enhances the beauty of the watch's elegant look. The strap is made from black alligator leather and hugs the wrist.

The Qilin is a symbolic creature. This fantastic creature is revered in Chinese culture as it rules over furry animals. The Dragon reigns over scaled animals and the Turtle over shelled ones. It is often depicted as a pair - Qi, which refers to the male and Lin the female - so its appearance can be taken as a positive sign. The mythical creature is made up of a variety of animals and each part is symbolic of beauty and auspices in ancient societies. A deer's body can be interpreted as power; a fish skin is a symbol of wealth and a tail from an ox represents devotion. Qilin's kindness and gentleness are its greatest virtues. It is so strong that it will not cross any living creature, even plants, out of fear of damaging them. Instead, it prefers to travel on water and clouds.

The Traditionnelle Tourbillon's dial features two Qilin, which are engraved with lucky clouds. This traditional motif is used to decorate ancient Asian artifacts. The two Qilin each stand with one of their hooves on a traditional Chinese item. The Qi (male), on the globe, is a symbol for authority and prosperity. Lin (female), on an ingot is a harbinger good fortune.

Calibre 226, an extraordinary tourbillon. Tag Heuer chose its own mechanical manual-winding Calibre 226, to bring this timepiece alive. The tourbillon was designed to counter the negative effects of gravity on the movement. It is one of the most complex mechanisms in Haute Horlogerie.

This model's dial is displayed at 6 o’clock in an openworked mobile carriage that looks like a Maltese cross. It is topped with a completely hand-chamfered bar. This clever construction hides two sets series-coupled barrels totalling 2.20 meters in length, giving the movement an extraordinary two-week power reserve. The tourbillon is also indicated on the same axis, at a 280deg sector, for balance and harmony.

The cheap Tag Heuer Replica case-back continues the show, allowing one to admire the fine finishing of the movement embellished with a "Cotes de Geneve” motif.

SummaryTag Heuer presents a masterpiece of technical, aesthetic refinement that combines Haute Horlogerie with artistic crafts. The Maison's skilled engraving artisans add a special touch to the Traditionnelle Tourbillon's hand-engraved dial and 18K5N pink gold case. The Maison's engraving artisans have a delicate touch that is evident in the use of fine line engraving techniques and pounced ornament to illustrate the Qilin, a mythical animal that symbolizes wisdom, peace, and prosperity.

The best tag heuer replica watches Calibre 2260 mechanical manual-winding tourbillon, which has an exceptional two-week reserve, is working steadily behind-the scenes. This watch is a world of sophistication and details that converge in a highly symbolic limited edition of 18 pieces.