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breitling superocean replica

Dubai's exhibition revealed a prototype of the haute horology masterwork with a price tag of $2.7million. breitling superocean replica Grand Complication, the most complex wristwatch ever produced by the brand to date is available in an ultra-limited edition. There are only 6 pieces. The brand's engineers and craftsmen spent six years creating this exceptional model,Audemars Piguet Replica which combines seven horological complications. The number of buyers who are interested in this edition has exceeded its capacity despite the high price. It will be available starting January 2014.

A hand-winding in-house movement, made up of 876 parts, is layered in 20 layers. It includes a minute-repeater mechanism with small and grand gongs, as well as a perpetual calendar and a split second chronograph, with minute counter, fly-back seconds, and a moon phase indicator. This amazing combination of complications is designed to be stable and precise, based on the old mechanisms that left the watchmaker's factory.

A dial with so many indicators is still readable despite its deep white color. The design of the watch is extraordinary, with four subdials arranged harmoniously around the central hands. The hands for the timekeeping, date and chronograph are all in rose gold.

Rose gold is used to make a robust case. The case's bold, complex construction and exciting shapes make it stand out in addition to its brilliantly polished finish. This timepiece,tissot replica paired with a brown leather strap in a stylish design, will compete for the most prestigious awards in horology.

Matthieu dupont, Middle East brand director of breitling superocean replica said, "Two Million Euros may sound like a lot but it took seven year of development, and one watchmaker needed one year to assemble a movement", while introducing breitling superocean replica's masterpiece at the Dubai International Watch Fair. Mr. Dupont revealed that the Grand Complication watch is in high demand, and that only serious collectors would be able to buy it.